Thank you

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my talented, selfless and relentless volunteers, friends and family who jumped right in with me to something that was so new for most of us, and certainly for me. I am forever humbled and inspired to have had so many people believe in me and our message. Together we spread our vision of more diverse career-oriented classes, student-centered mental health support, and empowered teachers. 


I'm incredibly proud of the campaign we ran, we attracted a talented, hard-working, diverse group of people who may seem so different from one another, but were all united in our genuine passion to serve our community and better public education. I know we will find a way to keep doing that despite this campaign coming to an end.

For me, I've been dedicating my time and energy to starting Embolden, a nonprofit that inspires High School students to explore diverse careers by providing cost-free programs run by local professionals. Check us out and get involved here:


why i'm running

I’m running to serve Providence District on the Fairfax County School Board because I saw first-hand the inequities in the public schools I attended. I never forgot the privilege of having a strong support network that brought me to where I am today. I am eager to be that support for each of our Fairfax County Public School students. 


As a lifelong Democrat, I know that if we live up to our ideals of supporting one another as a community, together we can ensure every student has access to a high-quality education, our teachers are respected and compensated, and an equitable school system in Fairfax County will be the model for the rest of the country. As a data scientist and math major from Carnegie Mellon University, I have the skills and experience to dive into Fairfax County Public Schools’ $3 billion budget to find ways to make initiatives a reality.


My priorities

My top three priorities are providing students the opportunity to experience more diverse career-oriented classes, designing and implementing student-centered mental health solutions, and better pay and support for teachers and staff.


More diverse career-oriented classes

Serving on the Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee for FCPS showed me the challenges our schools face in attracting the necessary teachers to provide diverse career-oriented classes with a limited budget. Throughout my career, I've met many talented practicing professionals who want to help, but don't know how. I will work to design a pipeline to get practicing professionals into classrooms to expose our students to diverse careers to ignite their passions and teach them skills for the latest industry demands.


Student-centered mental health solutions

As a millennial that understands the dangers of an increasingly stressful, fast-paced, and technology-driven environment, I will address mental health issues by promoting awareness and student-centered solutions. My conversations with students and school surveys show the increasing urgency of this and that students want to be better informed and learn how to promote better mental-health for their peers.


Teachers and staff

Teachers and staff are significantly influential people in students’ lives and drive the quality of education. We must do our best to attract and retain them through increased salaries and amplify their voices. I will bring my data science background to dive into the $3 billion dollar budget to find the funds needed to accomplish this. 

Other areas I believe passionately in include:

  • Smaller, more intimate and manageable class sizes and reduce trailers

  • Inclusive, welcoming, and safe culture to address bullying - especially due to gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or religion

  • Environmentally-friendly schools and operations to reduce the FCPS carbon footprint and combat climate change

  • Safe and secure schools and infrastructure 

In 2017, I went on sabbatical to be an Education Pioneers Fellow at a school district ten times as large as FCPS. There I learned to design equitable policies that incorporate the vastly different needs of each student. I will work hard to bridge students, parents, teachers, and community members to promote equity for our students. I know what it is like to be the “other” as a female who majored in math and as an Asian-American millennial active in local politics. As a result, I see the beauty and power in being different and am determined to foster this in our schools.  


Join us, and let's innovate education together.


Frequently asked questions

When is the Fairfax County Democratic Committee endorsement election for Providence District? 

Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:30 PM

Providence Community Center

3001 Vaden Dr, Fairfax, VA 22031

Early Voting:

Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


8500 Executive Park Ave,

Suite 402, Fairfax, VA 22031.

If locked, call 703-573-6811

Who can vote?

If you are a member of Fairfax County Democratic Committee and live in Providence District you can vote.

I live in Fairfax County, but do I live in Providence District?

If you type in your address here and you see "Providence District Supervisor Linda Q. Smyth" under "Fairfax County Government" you are in Providence District.

What do school board members do?

School board members collectively appoint and advise the superintendent who provides the overall leadership and ensures FCPS is run effectively. School board members also work hard to propose the budget which was 2.9 billion dollars last year and is found here. This involves working with the community, County Board of Supervisors, and other community members. In addition, school board members can propose policy changes and can vote on proposed changes.




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